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Starridge Svggkt at full stretch after the lure.

Lure Coursing tries to stimulate the hound's natural instincts for coursing. The "Lure" (a bunch of plastic strips, skin or a plastic bag) is tied to a rope that is pulled around spindles and pullies by a motorcycle especially designed for this purpose. The course pattern is irregular and somewhat similar to the way a hare might run in the open field.

At a field event dogs are judged on their ENTHUSIASM (lively, single minded, showing great eagerness and determination in regard to the lure) to a maximum of 15pts, FOLLOW (chasing the lure with the intent of taking it, while maintaining a path of reasonably close proximity to the lure's course, reacting immediately to any change in the motion of the lure) to a maximum of 15pts, SPEED (rapidity in moving, with credit going to the dog that levels out low, stretching and driving) to a maximum of 25pts, AGILITY (nimbleness in negotiating terrain, turning without going wide or cutting or breaking stride) to a maximum of 25pts, and ENDURANCE (stamina of mental and physical concentration, dog does not fade, pull up or slacken) to a maximum of 20pts.

Dogs run twice at each field event for a total possible score of 200. Based on this scoring dogs progress through a series of grades: Novice being dogs that have failed to score more than 145 points in 3 events; to progress to Intermediate grade dogs must score 150 points or more in 2 consecutive courses or run 3 courses with a minimum score of 145 points in each event; to progress from Open dogs must score 160 points or more in 2 consecutive courses or 3 courses with a minimum score of 155 points in each event.

ANKC does not at this time recognise Lure Coursing - all titles below are awarded by the Queensland Lure Coursing Association (QLCA).

Best in Field Winners

Highest scoring dog, of all breeds, at a field event.

  • Ch Bearstar Silver Willow ET

Field Champions

For dogs in the Open Class who have scored 170 points or more at any 3 courses in any twelve month period or a minimum score of 165 points at any 5 courses in any twenty-four month period.

NB: Championship points can only be accumulated within the Open Class.

  • Ch Bearstar Ko CD FC

  • Concetta Synagogue FC

  • Ch Gooniwiggal Kimba FC

  • Kazeniah Emerald FC

  • Ch Makimba Taima Indodakasi FC

  • Ch Sarabah Strider FC

  • Ch Starridge African Angel FC

  • Starridge Chain Reaction FC

  • Trekveld Lombokmagic FC

  • Ch Umkimzulu American Beauty FC

Best RR of the Year

Dogs must attend at least 50% of meetings from March to November, and score a minimum of 144 in any three meetings. The average of the highest 50% of scores for each dog is used for working out the placings.

NB: Since 1992 the Best RR of the Year is awarded the Toomba Trophy.

  • 1985-1991          Ch Gooniwiggal Kimba (Toomba)

  • 1992                   Concetta Synagogue (Caesar)

  • 1993-1995          Sarabah Strider (Strider)

  • 1996                   Makimba Taima Indodakazi (Katie)

  • 1997                   Chilolo Innocent By Standa (Wally)

  • 1998-1999          Ch Starridge African Angel FC (Angel)

  • 2000                   Assegai (Tanza)

  • 2001                   Lionheart Cossack (Cossack)

  • 2002                   Apanina Shezgot Th Touch (Mya)

  • 2003-2005          Kazeniah Emerald FC (Angel's daughter)

  • 2006                   Starridge Chain Reaction FC (Caira)

  • 2007-2008 Ch    Umkimzulu American Beauty FC (Ruby)



Ch Jomeja Calico Cara
Multi Racing Grand Champion (NSW)

Gr Ch Sixemm Magnums Model
Racing Grand Champion (NSW)

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