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The Rhodesian Ridgeback is generally a relatively healthy and sound breed, however there is one condition prevalent in the breed i.e. Dermoid Sinus.

As a fast-growing large breed, hip dysplasia and elbow osteochondritis need to be monitored and all breeding tested to ensure the low average scores currently enjoyed by the breed remain low and continue to reduce. To this end NRRC is promoting the provision of hip and elbow scores to a breed database to be established on this site. Currently we have a small pool of scores available to the public and anyone willing to contribute scores may do so by emailing the NRRC Secretary.


Genetic testing of breeding stock is highly recommended with all Clubs requiring hip and elbow scores at the minimum.

To establish canine health issues currently affecting the breed in Australia NRRC intends to conduct a breed-wide health survey to identify and provide recommendations for evaluative pre-breeding testing or litter registration limitation (LRL).

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