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The earliest report of a ridged dog being bought into the country was in 1902, when three Australian nurses returned from the Boer War with a dog named "Buller". 1902 was prior to the formalisation of the breed and the dog resembled more a Boerboel than a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

First Rhodesian Ridgeback to Western Australia

In 1966 the first Rhodesian Ridgeback arrived in Australia. This was a male call "Mbile" who was bred in Tanzania and imported into Australia by Mr & Mrs W.M. Adams of Mundaring WA. Unfortunately this dog died soon after coming out of quarantine in Australia.


First Australian Rhodesian Ridgeback litter

Mr & Mrs Adams then imported a dog and bitch in 1967 and these two formed the basis of the "Serengeti" line in Australia They were "Serengeti Meru" (male) and "Serengeti Chala" (female) bred in England by Mrs J.E. Lacey. "Serengeti Meru" and "Serengeti Chala" had their first puppies in 1967. However, from this litter only "Serengeti Simba" (male) survived and he was acquired by Mrs C Churchill of Donnybrook WA. Mrs C Churchill bred Rhodesian Ridgebacks under the "Sikota" prefix.

In 1968 "Sikota Kennels" imported from England "Sikota of Owlsmoor" (female) bred by Mrs C Hicks. In 1969 they imported a second dog from England "Riding Hills Kachindu" (male). Three litters were bred under the "Sikota" prefix before the kennel was disbanded in 1970. The dogs from "Sikota" were placed into homes throughout WA.

First Rhodesian Ridgeback to the East Coast Of Australia

The first Rhodesian Ridgeback to go to the East Coast of Australia was "Serengeti Sanya" (female) from the second "Serengeti" litter born 1968, she was owned by Mr & Mrs J Morris of Kellyville, NSW. "Serengeti Sanya" was the first Rhodesian Ridgeback to become an Australian Champion. She was also the foundation bitch of "Glenrowan Kennels" founded by Mr & Mrs Morris.

First Rhodesian Ridgebacks to Victoria

The first Rhodesian Ridgebacks to go to Victoria were also from the second "Serengeti" litter. "Serengeti Mara" (female) was sent to Miss J.N. Murray. Miss J.N. Murray since obtaining her first Rhodesian Ridgeback bred Rhodesian Ridgebacks under the "Ulundi" kennel prefix. Miss Murray's involvement with the breed has been extensive being the author of several reference books pertaining to the breed. "Serengeti Mara" was the sixth Rhodesian Ridgeback to gain Australian Championship status but only the second female to do so.

"Serengeti Sambu" (male) a litter brother to "Serengeti Mara" was sent to Mrs A Bieberitz who bred Rhodesian Ridgebacks under the "Bulawayo" kennel prefix. "Serengeti Sambu" was the second Rhodesian Ridgeback, and first male to become an Australian Champion.


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